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Shall we fill it?

Northwich Guardian:

11:28am Friday 19th September 2014

WHETHER or not to fill in the subways in Northwich linking with the new Lifestyle Centre is the question.

Traffic flow

Northwich Guardian:

11:26am Friday 19th September 2014

NOW Cheshire West and Chester want to fill in the under-pass.

My mother-in-law presented me with advice printed in 1913

3:59pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

THE other day, my mother-in-law gave me a book entitled Don’ts for Wives.

Why mobile phones have got a lot to answer for by Nicola Priest

Northwich Guardian: Time to cut apron strings - by group editor Nicola Priest

7:15pm Sunday 29th June 2014

THE children’s ride was whirling round with a young girl inside. Her mum couldn’t see the delight on her child’s face as she was too busy on her mobile phone, sending or reading a text.

Struggling to drop off to sleep is worrying me...

2:12pm Friday 4th April 2014

HAVE you taken this medication before asked the woman at the pharmacy counter?

Compulsory voting for 18-year-olds is not a good idea in my view

Northwich Guardian: The Electoral Commission is calling for ‘sustained action now’ in a bid to crack down on voting fraud

11:19am Wednesday 12th March 2014

By group editor Nicola Priest HOW do you solve a problem like voter apathy among young people? I was interested to read about one Cheshire councillor’s idea to make it compulsory for a year. It is an interesting concept.

It’s time to get your own back on all of those unwanted callers

Northwich Guardian: Time to cut apron strings - by group editor Nicola Priest

10:54am Wednesday 12th March 2014

By group editor Nicola Priest I SOMETIMES wonder why I have a telephone at home – the only two people who call me on it are my dad and my mum-in-law – other than that it’s nearly all cold callers.

It must be time for your mum to cut the apron strings

Northwich Guardian: Police appealing for information after thieves take floodlights from Embsay and Bolton steam railway

3:51pm Friday 31st January 2014

By Nicola Priest

Sat nav now takes blame for family rows over getting lost

Northwich Guardian: The latest TomTom sat nav

1:58pm Wednesday 22nd January 2014

By Nicola Priest THE lesson I learned on Friday was: always listen to your sat nav – never your colleagues!

Another year over and a new one just begun... here’s 2014

5:00pm Thursday 9th January 2014

By Nicola Priest IT’S January. You are either delighted to be back at work and glad life has returned to normal or you’ve got the January blues.

So that was Christmas... a happy New Year

4:47pm Thursday 9th January 2014

By Nicola Priest

Is £5,000 for a bike the best use of our money, Mr Dwyer?

Northwich Guardian: John Dwyer

3:56pm Thursday 9th January 2014

By Nicola Priest

My dog day afternoon with Dougal the energetic pooch

2:16pm Friday 29th November 2013

By group eidtor Nicola Priest I’M SURE there are other people who have chaotic lives but just lately I feel as if my time is never my own.

There's room for all of us on the roads

2:15pm Friday 29th November 2013

By group editor Nicola Priest I RISK venturing into dangerous waters having a pop at cyclists but I’d like to talk about cyclists riding two or three abreast on the roads and failing to make good use of the cycle ways.

The little things wind me up

2:12pm Friday 29th November 2013

By group editor Nicola Priest

‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’... sadly this is not always the case

1:31pm Wednesday 18th September 2013

IN today’s column The Fly professes to love animals but doesn’t go ‘weak-kneed and gushing’ at the sight of cute kittens or cuddly puppies.

In praise of a changing world... including our towns

9:57am Monday 16th September 2013

THERE’S not many things you can guarantee in this life, but one thing is a cast iron certainty... it will change.

Battling through time and space to see the doctor

Northwich Guardian: Half of GP surgeries open longer

2:16pm Thursday 5th September 2013


You only get what you pay for

Northwich Guardian: On the money! Advice for Ealing people

11:50am Friday 30th August 2013

IN last week’s edition I bemoaned the fact there were so many discounts and offers in our shops these days it was hard to determine what the genuine sale items were.

Have we turned into a nation of bargain hunters?

Northwich Guardian: Children's accounts: help your child to be a savvy saver

1:26pm Thursday 22nd August 2013

IS it just me, or does anyone else nip out at lunchtime to buy a sandwich and end up spending money on things you had no intention of buying?

Here comes the bride... but very rarely in a church

Northwich Guardian: Statham Lodge Hotel Wedding Fayre

12:45pm Friday 16th August 2013

I MUST have attended around a dozen weddings over the past few years – each one a wonderful occasion held in a fabulous venue.

Time to get ready for autumn... a new season is about to start

Northwich Guardian: Matches were of a high standard and each child received a medal for participating.

12:43pm Friday 16th August 2013

I’VE really enjoyed this summer.

Is it really smart to be using our mobile phones all the time?

Northwich Guardian: Hopefully we will soon be able to stream programmes from tablets and smartphones.

12:41pm Friday 16th August 2013

SOME things are invented that really change your life.


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