This is a bridge too far

Northwich Guardian: This is a bridge too far

9:49am Wednesday 16th April 2014

HAS anyone experienced problems on the iron bridge at the bottom of Winnington Hill?

Why are we the forgotten area?

Northwich Guardian: Why are we the forgotten area?

4:46pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

I AM writing to what I call the forgotten estate.

Less upheaval during the night

Northwich Guardian: Less upheaval during the night

4:45pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

I FULLY appreciate that we’re going to have to endure a lot of chaos on the roads over the next few months or years.

Bells have been here longer

Northwich Guardian: Bells have been here longer

4:43pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

I REFER to Josh Carney’s letter in the Guardian, April 2, in which he complained about the ringing of church bells on a Sunday morning.

Gully heads have not been cleared

Northwich Guardian: Gully heads have not been cleared

4:42pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

WHILE flooding in Cheshire might not reach the same as recent Somerset levels, I cannot understand the policy of Cheshire East Council not clearing gully heads throughout Middlewich and the surrounding areas.

It's time to take action on road

Northwich Guardian: It's time to take action on road

4:41pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

ONCE again, on what must be Cheshire’s worst road, another fatal accident has occurred at the junction of King Street and Croxton Lane and my condolences go to the family of the person who lost their life.

Drivers deserve to be fined

Northwich Guardian: Drivers deserve to be fined

4:39pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

HOW gratifying to see that parking enforcement is finally being carried out in Northwich, but how disappointing to hear the reaction of Clr Brian Jamieson, who suggested that people should be warned that parking enforcement is to take place.

The people's views ignored

Northwich Guardian: Council should reconsider

5:11pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

PEOPLE might be entitled to ask what exactly is the point of having public consultations and scrutiny committees at Cheshire West and Chester Council if the ruling Conservative executive simply ignore the views of the public or those councillors who scrutinise impartially on the basis of the evidence before them.

Traffic needs to slow down

Northwich Guardian: Traffic needs to slow down

5:07pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

REGARDING the yellow lines outside Foodcraft and the school in Winsford. I think the current situation should remain.

Litter collection is rubbish

Northwich Guardian: Rubbish piles up as bin strike heads into fourth week

5:02pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I CONSTANTLY despair of the state of our roads in this area and, especially, the litter decorating the main thoroughfares, including the Northwich bypass.

Don't live near it if you don't like it

Northwich Guardian: Bells have been here longer

4:53pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

CHURCH bells are a joy but I’m sure that if they weren’t to my liking I would not choose to live nearby.

Bells have been here longer

Northwich Guardian: Bells have been here longer

4:51pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

IN response to Josh Carney’s letter, Guardian, April 2.

Don't be a Victor Meldrew

Northwich Guardian: DANGEROUS? Some youngsters enjoying a game of tig

4:46pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

SO the first day of spring arrives with a surprisingly warm and rain-free day.

Teaching isn't a nine-to-five job

Northwich Guardian: An empty class room

4:41pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

IN last week’s Guardian, your mystery columnist, The Fly in the Ointment, would like to know about teachers’ working hours.

Church bells are noise pollution

Northwich Guardian: One of the bells being lowered from the church tower

4:54pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

DO church bells not count as noise pollution or disturbing the peace?

Support Bowel Cancer charity

Northwich Guardian: Everton FC’s academy coach Kevin Sheedy urges people to get a check up and not ignore any health concerns, after he survived bowel cancer that was diagnosed in time.

4:43pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

AS a bowel cancer survivor I know just how devastating a diagnosis can be, but knowing the symptoms and getting help early is vital.

Thanks for all your support

Northwich Guardian: Heart stutter disorder now affects more than one million

4:35pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

I AM writing to thank the Guardian readers for the support given so far for north west British Heart Foundation shops Spring Clear Out campaign.

Concern over issue of fracking

Northwich Guardian: Concern over issue of fracking

4:31pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

I AM extremely disturbed about the possibility of fracking in this area. The fact that most of Cheshire is like a Swiss cheese below ground with all the salt work does nothing to restore my confidence. Especially as I have been advised by my local MP Stephen O'Brien, that he supports the Fracking Bill.

Book tells of the horrors of war

Northwich Guardian: Book tells of the horrors of war

4:19pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

WHILE searching through my memorabilia for First World War items for my daughter, I came across a little book, which was written by a padre during the First World War.

Hope they find cause of the fire

Northwich Guardian: Hope they find cause of the fire

3:51pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

I WAS watching the fire on Queen Street, Northwich from my bedroom window. The fire was in full flow when fire crews arrived shortly after 11pm on Friday evening.

You're forgetting the Harlequin theatre

Northwich Guardian: You're forgetting the Harlequin theatre

3:33pm Wednesday 2nd April 2014

I AM writing in reply to the letter from WHS, ‘It’s dead’, Guardian, March 26.

Get real over plans for HS2

Northwich Guardian: I'm tired of HS2 criticism

9:50am Wednesday 26th March 2014

REGARDING HS2 and the plans for Crewe station.

We need better transport

Northwich Guardian: Cars queue in a Bradford  traffic jam

9:47am Wednesday 26th March 2014

I AGREE with George D Brand’s letter in last week’s Guardian.

Place your bets on our scheme

Northwich Guardian: Horse racing

9:30am Wednesday 26th March 2014

LAST week four horses died at one of the most important events in the racing calendar, the Cheltenham Festival.

Proud to help small business

Northwich Guardian: Lib Dems voice job cuts concern

5:03pm Tuesday 25th March 2014

THE Liberal Democrats as part of the Coalition Government are pivotal in supporting small businesses Middlewich, Northwich and Winsford.

There and back again to the cinema and lifestyle centre, but how?

Northwich Guardian: An artist's impression of the new cinema at Barons Quay, which is due to open in winter 2016.

5:40pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

SO Northwich is getting a multiplex cinema, The Plaza and also a new lifestyle centre.

They’re wrecking Middlewich

Northwich Guardian: Middlewich Lock No.74 before the £50,000 repairs

5:35pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

I FEEL I have to respond to the letters regarding the Local Plan and development in and around Middlewich.

Act now, or suffer the consequences

Northwich Guardian: This will affect other towns

5:33pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

SO, one of the options proposed by David Brown of the Environment Agency is to drain the River Weaver into the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Use of cannabis should be licensed

Northwich Guardian:

5:32pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

I WAS interested to read the article in last week’s Guardian which was positioned below the interview that you had with Inspector Snasdell about the drug situation in Winsford.

Sites for gipsies and travellers

Northwich Guardian: Pollution fears delay plans for Brighton national park traveller site

4:23pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

IT is national policy that as part of the local plan we are required to identify a five year land supply for the provision of gipsy and travellers and travelling show people sites.

Wonderful staff at hospital A&E

Northwich Guardian: Paramedics are being sent to patients who do not need an ambulance, it has been claimed

4:16pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

AS a recent patient of Leighton Hospital accident and emergency major clinic, I would like to thank all the team staff who treated me and kept my family fully informed of all the procedures being carried out.

Plan process too developer-focused

Northwich Guardian: Whole thing is s shambles

4:06pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

WHILE I welcome the news that Cheshire East has now approved the proposed Local Plan and that it might act as a constraint on planning applications, it will only have full force when the Planning Inspectorate has approved it later in the year.

Help support the Childrens Trust

Northwich Guardian: Richard Hammond

4:03pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

I WOULD like to encourage your readers to watch an inspirational television show I am delighted to be appearing in.

Can we have Quay funds?

Northwich Guardian: Can we have Quay funds?

3:54pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

I AM writing regarding the recently developed area in Northwich, positioned between the town bridges on the east side.

Can we see the statistics?

Northwich Guardian: A car parked on double yellow lines.

3:26pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

PERHAPS Cheshire West and Chester Council would like to publish the record of deaths and injuries caused by parked vehicles outside the Foodcraftshop to justify double yellow lines?

HS2 throw up so many questions

Northwich Guardian: I'm tired of HS2 criticism

3:24pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

THE knowledge HS2 Ltd have of what is going on more than a few centimetres below the surface of the preferred route for HS2 Phase 2, is practically non-existent.

Thank you for Legion donations

Northwich Guardian: Royal British Legion logo

3:06pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

I WOULD like to convey our grateful thanks to readers who kindly donated to the national Poppy Appeal.

Options to restore boat

Northwich Guardian: John Beresford’s photograph of Proceed.

10:19am Wednesday 5th March 2014

REGARDING the ‘Proceed’ tug boat pictured in last week’s Guardian, We moved into our house on the Kingsmead estate opposite the boat yard in May 2004.

Let's spread the load...

Northwich Guardian: Train breakdown adds to tube strike chaos

10:16am Wednesday 5th March 2014

REGARDING the idea by the Mid Cheshire rail users groups of running a second hourly train service daily with selected stops would solve overcrowding at peak time use.

Patients want to be seen today

Northwich Guardian: Be alert to the symptoms of lung cancer

10:05am Wednesday 5th March 2014

RECENT calls by health chiefs for members of the public to go to their GPs and pharmacies for non emergencies are all well and good.

So proud of performance

Northwich Guardian: Bev Goodger has taught Biology at  Sir John Deane’s College for 16 years.

9:56am Wednesday 5th March 2014

I HAVE the honour of being on the board of governors at Sir John Deane’s College and when I see the students perform, as they did to a packed house on Friday night, my pride in the students knows no bounds.

Parking puts me off Northwich

Northwich Guardian: Wirral motorist's parking fine quashed after Globe intervention

9:41am Wednesday 5th March 2014

RECENTLY I went into Northwich and parked my car on the little lay-by opposite Litttlers’ old timber yard. I was only a short time away, but on returning to my car, found that I had a parking ticket.

Why didn't they ask tax payers?

Northwich Guardian: Must challenge fracking plans

9:39am Wednesday 5th March 2014

CHESHIRE West and Chester Council’s budget consultation is a complete farce.

The projects are different

Northwich Guardian: The projects are different

9:26am Wednesday 5th March 2014

I MUST respond to Howard Curran of Crewe.

Hope the rumour is not true

Northwich Guardian: Zebra crossing safety work in Otley

4:13pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

I REALLY hope that there is no truth in this awful rumour that the council have plans to fill in this subway.

If it ain't broke don't fix it

Northwich Guardian: The proposed Northwich town centre gyratory

4:10pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

I DO not drive, which these days is like stating you have a physical disability.

Bedroom tax has caused problems

Northwich Guardian: Graham Evans made the decision not to vote in the House of Commons debate

4:07pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

MP Graham Evans, pictured, says the bedroom tax has saved the Government £500m.

Why plan houses on flood plain?

Northwich Guardian: Plans are being put together to build a housing estate and new country park on land at Dane Valley, in Northwich.

4:05pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

IT was nice to read Clr Fifield join the dialogue concerning the bedroom tax, Guardian, February 5.

Time to tackle this parking problem

Northwich Guardian: Withens Lane verge

3:54pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

AS churned up grass verges go, the one I lost my temper over, and sent a photo to the paper, takes the biscuit, (Guardian, February 12). I wasn’t pretending it was the only defect to do with local roads that needs attention, but that it really is a mess, and hordes of passing children can get their feet in it.

Glad subway is to be filled in

3:38pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

I WAS pleased to read that the subway below Chesterway and Watling Street may be filled in as part of the Memorial Court development.

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