Best medicine

Northwich Guardian: read the ramblings of billy nomates

3:54pm Friday 24th October 2014

I WOULD like to thank all those who helped with the organising and those who attended the latest Billy Nomates show. Owley Wood Club provided the venue and full support and thanks to the management and staff.

Plan concern

3:52pm Friday 24th October 2014

THE news that the Planning Inspector has recently adjourned the independent enquiry into the Congleton Local Plan is of concern.

Flash in the pan?

Northwich Guardian:

3:50pm Friday 24th October 2014

IT IS nonsense to say the Neighbourhood Plan will destroy the Flashes.

Why I'll vote No

Northwich Guardian:

3:41pm Friday 24th October 2014

I WAS wondering where the idea that Winsford residents want another supermarket has come from?

Say Yes to plan

Northwich Guardian:

3:39pm Friday 24th October 2014

WINSFORD will change, whether we like it or not.

Save our fields

Northwich Guardian: Residents of Rilshaw Lane are mobilising to fight the proposals

3:38pm Friday 24th October 2014

IT IS ironic that Mr Burns is suggesting that the no campaigners are trying to stop the neighbourhood plan (NP) for the same reason as the developers.

Dog saviours deserve praise

3:35pm Friday 24th October 2014

I READ The Fly in the Ointment’s comments on the awful tragedy of the Manchester Dogs Home, Guardian, October 8, and cannot believe how spiteful a person the mystery columnist must be to publicly air such a view.

Thanks for your support

Northwich Guardian: An innovative project led by St Luke’s Hospice in Winsford is adding its voice to a national awareness campaign.

2:59pm Friday 24th October 2014

MAY I sincerely thank all those that made our St Luke's Hospice charity disco night a success.

Own goal by council

Northwich Guardian: Council should reconsider

2:56pm Friday 24th October 2014

THE phrase, "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing" is well-worn.

This is now a barren area

5:16pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

WHAT has happened to the Bull Ring in Northwich?

Bus service appreciation

Northwich Guardian:

5:13pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

WINSFORD Town Council recently decided to fund the operation of the Winsford to Liverpool bus service for the next six months.

Please use your vote

Northwich Guardian: Man Inserting Voting Paper into a Ballot Box (9641260)

5:11pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

WITH just over six months to go, it appears the narcissistic politicians have slipped back into their familiar sycophantic ways.

Bad taste to stock toys

Northwich Guardian:

5:09pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

WE are writing in order to raise our objections to some Halloween items being sold in shops across our region.

Christmas in September


5:06pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

I AGREE with the writer of The Fly whole heartedly in last week's edition. Two weeks ago I was in a garden centre not a hundred miles from Northwich, I had just come from my church where we had been celebrating harvest festival.

Groups want the same thing

Northwich Guardian:

5:03pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

I AM writing to agree and disagree with some of the comments in Guardian letters recently about the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan.

Facts about the plan

Northwich Guardian:

5:01pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

I READ with interest the article “Ban the Plan”, Guardian, October 1, and also the number of letters suggesting a “No” vote will solve the issue of developers building on Greenfield sites.

Support us this weekend

Northwich Guardian: TOP AMOUNT: The money raised will help fund Marie Curie nurses at St Teresa's Hospice in Darlington

1:48pm Thursday 9th October 2014

ACROSS the weekend of October 11 and 12, staff from Superdrug Stores across the country will be transforming shops into a ghoulie Halloween paradise, all in the name of raising money for Marie Curie, Superdrug’s official charity partner.

Bus service not good enough

Northwich Guardian: The exterior of the treatment centre at Leighton Hospital.

1:44pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I HAVE just been reading an article regarding Cheshire East Council rejecting a plea for a later bus service in Middlewich, Guardian, August 13.

Proposals are just ludicrous

Northwich Guardian:

1:34pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I WRITE to urge Winsfordians to vote ‘no’ in the referendum on the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan on October 23.

Development plan fair to all

Northwich Guardian: Land north of Rilshaw Lane where new homes could be built

1:23pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I WAS amazed to read the information put forward by the Rilshaw Lane “Ban the Plan” residents, Guardian, October 1.

CWAC caused traffic chaos

Northwich Guardian: Council should reconsider

1:07pm Thursday 9th October 2014

HAVE Cheshire West and Chester Council gone completely mad?

MP should back farmland

Northwich Guardian: Dane Valley.jpg

1:05pm Thursday 9th October 2014

GRAHAM Evans MP and local Tory councillors want to create a country park in the Dane Valley.

Nightmare for pedestrians

Northwich Guardian: Gamallt traffic lights to go

1:02pm Thursday 9th October 2014

WHAT are the new traffic lights for that have appeared on the back road of Northwich along the river to and from the Bull Ring?

Facts would be a real help

Northwich Guardian: Are you voting in next year's general election?

12:59pm Thursday 9th October 2014

TODAY I received my poll card for the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan referendum.

A great school

4:37pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

AN open letter to Mrs Booth.

Spend wisely

Northwich Guardian: Libraries in Northwich are planning a whole host of workshops to teach visitors new skills.

4:36pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

NORTHWICH is currently a mess due, in large, to poor decisions by our councillors.

Let kids play

4:34pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

MY BROTHER sent me a cutting of an article by Ian Ross from the Northwich Guardian, August 13, regarding children playing football called “nuisance”.

More people are not the answer

5:11pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

I AM writing regarding the Neighbourhood Plan.

Houses would 'destroy' the area

5:05pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

THE reason to say no to the Neighbourhood Plan is that most Winsford people agree that the most attractive area of Winsford is the Flashes.

Improvement isn't necessary

5:03pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

ANYONE who spends time in the draughty, half derelict town centre of Winsford, or who queues along the road to Middlewich would agree that an improvement plan is necessary.

Plans are just for the money

5:00pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

THE new plans for building houses around the Winsford Flashes take no account of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Summer books achievement

Northwich Guardian:

4:55pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

ON MONDAY and Thursday evening I took part in handing out medals and certificates to Winsford children who had completed the summer reading challenge.

Goods motors clogging M6

Northwich Guardian: Traffic queueing on the M4 after an accident closed the motorway

4:41pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

I RECENTLY ventured on to the M6 outside of peak times and was alarmed at the heavy traffic, especially the number of lorries.

Changes that are needed

Northwich Guardian:

4:39pm Tuesday 30th September 2014

MAY I humbly suggest two changes to the Northwich bypass.

Action taken

Northwich Guardian: Graham Evans

5:18pm Thursday 25th September 2014

FOLLOWING on from the recently published report into the shameful sexual abuse in Rotherham.

Against split

Northwich Guardian:

5:15pm Thursday 25th September 2014

I AGREE with Cllr Michael Parsons that we never wanted to split up Cheshire in any case and, in fact, were vehemently opposed to the split.

No room

Northwich Guardian: If it's not broke don't fix it

5:12pm Thursday 25th September 2014

I’LL be interested to see whether Cheshire West and Chester Council submits a response to this observation regarding the new Bull Ring road layout in Northwich.

Water plans

Northwich Guardian: FLOODS: Warnings for the River Avon removed

4:55pm Thursday 25th September 2014

I WONDER if the planners of forthcoming flood defences have looked at the situation further along High Street than the Bull Ring?

Let's dance

Northwich Guardian: What's your favourite biscuit to accompany a cup of tea?

1:35pm Thursday 25th September 2014

YOUR article on page 10 of September 17 issue states “the first tea dance in the Northwich area”, which we think is quite misleading.

More details

Northwich Guardian: New Dales bus link established

1:24pm Thursday 25th September 2014

IN HIS call for the reinstatement of Cheshire County Council Cllr Michael Jones needs to expand on his claim.

No to HS2

Northwich Guardian: An early look at what the HS2 trains could look like

1:19pm Thursday 25th September 2014

I REFER to your correspondent Wake up to HS2 Bell and his complaint about the lack of debate on this scandalous project which will cost so much money and cause so much distress to so many people.

Wake up to the HS2 bell

Northwich Guardian: An early look at what the HS2 trains could look like

11:18am Friday 19th September 2014


Keep the pool, it's so popular

Northwich Guardian: Moss Farm Leisure Complex

11:13am Friday 19th September 2014

AFTER discussion with fellow swimmers at Moss Farm leisure centre, it seems most will be sorry if the pool there is closed down as planned next spring.

Trees causing big problems

Northwich Guardian:

11:08am Friday 19th September 2014

WITH regards to your report on James Wilding and his issue with the conifer trees he is having.

Conifers need trimming back

Northwich Guardian:

10:56am Friday 19th September 2014

I LIVE in Ledward Street, and the conifers are blocking all the sunlight out of the gardens.

Tax wasted on ugly changes

Northwich Guardian: Weaver Square will be up for auction in the New Year

9:17am Friday 19th September 2014

I HAVE every sympathy for Dave Hodkinson, Guardian, August 27.

Scrappies are a royal pain

Northwich Guardian: A megaphone was one of the more unusual gifts given to council workers

4:59pm Thursday 18th September 2014

I’M fed up with the rag and bone men who come through Barnton using megaphones.

Get involved in litter clean-up

4:56pm Thursday 18th September 2014

REGARDING the letter by Sheila Smith about the litter in Griffiths Park: I would suggest that a sustainable solution to the problem would be to have volunteers from the Rudheath area on the Northwich Clean Team.

Get real on traffic issues

4:32pm Thursday 18th September 2014

RECENT occurrences have persuaded me to write to Highways in Cheshire East.

War horrors

Northwich Guardian: You're forgetting the Harlequin theatre

4:48pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

I AM writing in reply to Margaret Pace’s letter about William Goodier, Guardian, September 3.


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