LAST WEEKEND saw three more trees at the town's new outdoor space snapped in half in yet another act of mindless vandalism.

The incidents, which took place on Friday and Saturday, came less than one month since two other young saplings were needlessly broken in two.

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Cllr Sam Naylor, the town mayor, said he doesn't think the trees should be replaced, because they are likely to destroyed in similar circumstances.

He also said he feared posting about the second incident on Facebook last weekend, as drawing attention to the damage is seemingly spurring the vandals on.

With each tree costing the council around £100, the taxpayers bill for the inexcusable behaviour of a tiny minority, is already fairly sizeable.

New town councillor Lee Siddall, who represents the Winnington and Castle Ward, said people taking pride in their communities was a key factor in stopping acts like this from happening.

He said: "You can't have CCTV everywhere.

"It all costs money at the end of the day.

"I think we need to look towards the community and get people caring more."

We also asked you for your thoughts, not just about the suggestion of not replacing the trees, but on the general behaviour of those people responsible.

Keith Andrew said: "No point planting trees that small, in an area like that, total waste of time, money and effort."

Ann-Marie Burns said: "Walked through there today, bench had all names scratched into it.

"No respect at all."

Georgina Wilcox suggested the perpetrators might not be teenagers, as is suspected: "I wonder if it could be a disgruntled adult doing this because they don’t the area to look nice and looked after," she said.

"As much as I love the area visually looking clean, tidy and welcoming some locals don’t, because it brings people into the town."

Rich Dale, meanwhile, suggested the council should consider planting trees with metal guards around the trunks to prevent them from being damaged, while Tina Hickman also pointed the finger at the local authority.

She said: "The council should have secured them better after the first time this happened."

Ian Stanley said parents need to look closer to home, saying: "Very sad.

"You have to look at the parenting skills of people who allow their offspring to do that."

Christine Rourke called on the police to make those responsible, suggesting the CCTV should be able to identify them.

Paula Goodier-Webb seemingly agrees with Cllr Naylor about his concerns of bringing too much attention to the problem.

She said: "The more Facebook attention we give them, the more damage they will do.

"Idiots crave attention.

"Ignore and the simpletons will move on."