MIKE Parsons says he feels that cars coming out of Morrisons are the source of drivers going the wrong way around the Newton Bank gyratory.

I have been urging the council to do something about this for months.

They attempted to alter the traffic signal conglomeration by adding a straight ahead arrow at the set of lights adjacent to the cemetery – this has had limited effect.

Some traffic which goes the wrong way enters from Nantwich Road and then turns right into oncoming traffic at the Newton Bank Triangle. Painting turn left should solve most of this problem.

Traffic approaching the new pedestrian crossing by the cemetery from the Chester Road is faced with signage showing roundabout ahead – people unfamiliar with this road possibly think the new lights are the roundabout.

This is because the council has failed to repaint the roundabout which has needed painting back in since before the Morrisons store opened.

Before any finger wagging is made at Morrisons – turn left is painted on the road. 

Even after the council installed straight ahead signage on the traffic light columns I have been approached by traffic trying to turn right against the flow at these lights.

Perhaps there is a need to paint no entry at this point?

Alan Langley Middlewich