I am writing in response to the article about Fountain Fields Park in Middlewich, Guardian July 9.

In May of this year, I sent an email to Cheshire East regarding the walking of dogs on the park which was forwarded on to the parks management officer.

I was informed that Middlewich Vision, as well the council and residents, were looking at the development of the parks, especially, Fountain Fields.

I also pointed out that there are two signs, one which says ‘No Dogs Allowed’, and another ‘No Smoking’.

I was told that the park is not covered by any bylaws so therefore no penalty at this point for people taking their dogs onto the park can be issued.

The sign really acts as a polite request and deterrent in anticipation that the public will respect all aspects and users of the park. Obviously people don’t, because they still let their dogs run around the park, especially on the bowling green, I can only hope they clean up after their dogs.

The glass, as reported in the article, is obviously another issue which may be from the constant use of the park after 11pm by girls and boys of what age I am not sure.

I think the solution would be to have clearer signs to keep dogs off the park and lock the gates in the evening.

Marjorie Pace Middlewich