I never read books and hardly ever read the papers, but during the month of June I have enjoyed a number of events arranged by the Northwich LitFest.

What a hidden gem in the midst of Northwich this has turned out to be!

From John Lennon’s childhood secrets to behind the scenes of writing an Archers script for Radio 4 and all points in between.

I have surprised myself at the humour contained in the poetry of John Betjeman and the life of Philip Larkin, which was set to music. I even learned the tricks of the trade on how to write and publish a book of my own if I ever feel so inclined.

The Davenham Players Theatre hosted many of the events. I never knew it existed and what a lovely theatre it is. I will certainly attend some more of their regular theatrical and musical offerings in the future.

I would like to say a big thank you to the organisers for bringing such an eclectic mixture of culture to our town. I understand that this is the third year for the LitFest and I look forward to seeing what interesting events will be on offer in the next 12 months time.

Well done to all concerned and I hope you go from strength to strength with the potential of the new venue at Memorial Court being available to you next year.

Sue Gidney Sandbach