I WOULD like to congratulate all those who ran the Bupa Great Manchester Run on May 18.

It was fantastic to see so many dedicated people out fundraising for causes close to their heart, including the 1,200 who ran on behalf of Diabetes UK.

Running, like other forms of physical activity, is just one thing people with diabetes can do to help manage their condition and minimise some of the complications that arise from diabetes such as blindness and stroke.

So it was truly great to see so many people out on Sunday morning, inspiring others to get a little bit fitter while helping raise money for Diabetes UK that will enable us to support the 3.8million people in the UK with the condition.

In addition to being Bupa’s official charity partner for the Great Runs Series, we have also worked with them to develop a free e-learning tool – type2diabetesandme.co.uk – to help people with Type 2 diabetes learn more about their condition and how to best to manage it.

We know that it can feel very overwhelming for people when they are first diagnosed but we are committed to helping people learn how to fit it into their everyday lives.

Of course we also have lots of useful information on our website www.diabetes.org.uk for people living with any type of diabetes.

Fiona Streeter Bupa Events Manager Diabetes UK