I READ the article ‘Yellow lines will not solve parking problem’ relating to roads around Hartford station. More people than ever are using rail for their daily commute.

Northern Rail’s franchise agreement has been extended and the rail minister has stated that rail travel across the north will be transformed over the next five years through huge levels of government investment.

There is no doubt that the 2,500 new houses either being built or due to be built within a four-mile radius of Hartford station will increase commuter numbers.

The only question is by how many? It is quite obvious that the limited parking facilities at the station will become even more inadequate with the resultant cars parked in surrounding side streets, creating unacceptable safety hazards, particularly involving school children.

Is the solution staring us in the face? There is a 1.35 acre plot of land for sale, between Heyeswood Lane and Mornant Avenue, approximately 100 metres from Hartford station.

This is an ideal area for an additional car park for rail commuters. It has planning permission for residential properties but the aforementioned 2,500 new homes will more than meet our local needs.

This plot would serve the community more usefully by keeping our roads clear and safe for the ever increasing volumes of traffic.

Rob Brown Hartford