HAS anyone experienced problems on the iron bridge at the bottom of Winnington Hill?

Two days before Christmas I was driving down Winnington Hill on to the bridge when a car coming from Castle decided to lane change and drove straight into my driver’s door.

It is only just recently that my Mini has been repaired the damage was that bad I unfortunately needed a new door. As if the accident wasn’t bad enough, the claim is still outstanding which I am struggling to understand.

I did go to the police and it would appear there was also another accident in the same place later on that day.

Has anyone else experienced any issues on this section of the road?

I would love to know the extent of the problem before I write to the council. Something needs to be done, would it be possible to have a solid white line to see cars safely on to the bridge? Some drivers do not understand that there is plenty of time to lane change.

In the meantime I try to avoid the bridge as much as possible, choosing instead to drive right round the outside of Northwich.

I am very lucky that it was a car that hit me, if it had been a lorry or a bus it would have been a lot more serious for me, my son and his friend.

Debbie Clark Hartford