I ONCE read that it was only bad news that was newsworthy.

This was highlighted in my Sunday newspaper two weeks ago where there were four pages about how appalling the NHS is and how badly patients are being treated. Let me put those comments in reverse.

Shortly after Christmas my wife became quite ill and I telephoned Witton Street Surgery to request a home visit. As soon as morning surgery was over, my wife was visited by the GP she normally sees, and was subsequently admitted to Leighton Hospital. Unfortunately she died the next day. From the moment I phoned Witton Street Surgery, I received service of the highest professional standard. The doctors, nurses and ward staff treated my wife with utmost care and attention, and my family and I with the greatest of sympathy and compassion. I have nothing but praise for them all.

I fully realise that when human beings are involved at the sharp end there will inevitably be mistakes, but for goodness sake let’s have a bit of praise and acknowledgement when they act in such a caring manner.