CONGRATULATIONS to Simon James for his excellent letter in the Guardian, December 26, ‘Question time for Memorial Court’.

It was so good that it should be reprinted before the planning consultation period for the proposed redevelopment of the Memorial Court site expires early January, as well as for the many people who many have missed reading it due to the Christmas period.

Simon asks whether it would be a ‘good use of £12.5 million of taxpayers’ money’, and answers by claiming that it would be a complete waste of money foisted upon us by Chester.

He suggests several other local developments, which would give us much better value for our money.

Another correspondent, Keith Evans, thinks that the proposed lifestyle centre would look fine on an industrial estate, but how long before it would look like yet another of Northwich’s eyesores on the Memorial Court site.

How good to see local democracy at work at last. I hope it’s in time because CWAC are due to start work in January.

STUART HOGG Whitegate Northwich