IT was encouraging to read such a united front of good wishes from our local political, business and community leaders for Northwich in 2013, Guardian, December 26.

Intentions are commendable but delivery is everything, much is promised for the town. Phase One of the long-overdue regeneration; the introduction of new leisure and retailing facilities; a hopeful up-turn in business confidence and employment opportunities, particularly for our local traders and young people. All of this is positive but remains precariously balanced as we consider the enormous challenges Northwich also faces, with the continuing absence of any signs of an economic up-turn, the credit-crunch afflicting hundreds of local families, as evidenced by the arrival of local food banks, and a 300 per cent rise in requests for crisis loans since 2009, and the spectre of homeless people sleeping outside our local supermarkets.

Added to these economic and social challenges, are the environmental consequences of a proposed incinerator and a spate of housing applications, some of which threaten valued green-spaces, while avoiding our neglected brown field sites. These are challenges that must be effectively confronted if the enormous potential of the Town and its people is unlocked. We all share this responsibility but some of us have a greater influence on the body politic than others. It is worth remembering that Greater Northwich is represented by three MPs, two of whom are members of the Government and all three of the ruling party. Let us hope that this year they can use their position and influence to the maximum benefit of the Town.

CLR PAUL DOLAN Cheshire West and Chester, Winnington and Castle Ward