Yet again we have someone who admits that they don’t live in Northwich, but are against the proposed Memorial Court development, Guardian, January 2.

These people, along with various others who sit on self-appointed heritage committees of a handful of members, suggest that they speak for the other 60,000 people who live in the Northwich area. Sorry, but you don’t speak for me. As someone who was born in Northwich and lived in the area all of my life, I feel that you are making your views heard over the silent majority of the Northwich populace.

In which case, I urge this silent majority to make positive comments on the Cheshire West Council website as soon as the planning applications are submitted. If the council receive 10,000 comments supporting the plans against six negative comments, then approval will be granted and Northwich has the lifestyle centre and cinema that we deserve.

Developers read the local press and if they see letters constantly criticising these plans they will simply think that everyone who lives here doesn’t want these new amenities and they will go elsewhere.

The sooner that the new lifestyle centre and cinema are built, the better, as Northwich is short of two things, amenities and restaurants. As far as I am concerned just build a copy of the Winsford lifestyle centre. I am a regular cinema-goer and am fed up of travelling outside of town to see the latest films. Northwich falls within every criterion that Vue, UCI, Reel, and Cineplex list on their websites as requirements to build a cinema in a town. It must be the only town in the UK of its size that does not have a cinema. So I feel that I speak for the silent majority of the hard working populace of Northwich in saying to the developers and Cheshire West council, just get on with approving the plans and building the cinema and Memorial Court now.