EVERYONE involved in the organisation of the Thundersprint would like to thank the people of Northwich for their support over the past 10 happy years.

Our strongest memory is of being greeted with kindness, good humour and overwhelming support by the people of Northwich who were hosting what became one of the biggest motorcycling events in the world. One of our happiest memories was looking over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco wearing our Thundersprint jackets. A lovely American couple came up to us and said: “The Northwich Thundersprint – what a great event. “We watch it on TV every year.”

The Northwich Thundersprint with Californian fans: what else is there to say?

And the Thundersprint truly was of and for the people of this wonderful little town. The mum who came down from Castle with a couple of kids in a pram with the family dog trotting along beside. The Northwich bike fans who rode with us – the smiling shopkeepers whose tills were full. The children dancing in Adelaide Gardens and the granddads looking at the Spitfire with tears in their eyes. To you all, the Thundersprint was yours in heart, body and soul and we will miss you every single one.

Best wishes for the future and we hope to see many of you in Anglesey on April 21 next year for Thundersprint 2013.