I HAVE never written to the letters page before but after going to the Verdin bonfire this year I had to.

The kids were getting really excited before we left but my girlfriend and I were a little apprehensive, as each year Northwich seems to deteriorate and we didn’t want them to be bored or unhappy. In the end our apprehension was proved right as Northwich failed to deliver.

From the moment we arrived, it just looked boring. There was just one ride for older children, one for little ones, a hot-food stand and a glow stick stand. When the bonfire was lit it was good at the beginning but there was definitely not enough wood and it very quickly went flat.

We then all found a place to watch the so called spectacular fireworks. There were some good bits but overall I wasn’t that impressed. The finale could have been more intense. I didn’t even know it had ended.

I don’t blame Northwich Round Table, as I would assume they have a limited budget, but we need to bring people out of their homes and back supporting their home town. The only way we can do this is to put on something really spectacular within a sensible budget. In future why not have more stalls and even live entertainment.The organisers could use Facebook or other social media networks to spread the word.

Within minutes of this year’s bonfire ending, many people had posted on Facebook that they weren’t impressed with this year’s bonfire.

Northwich, you need to pull something out the bag next year or you will lose even more people. If you need more ideas contact me or ask your community on Facebook. I just want Northwich brought back to how it used to be