WITH reference to the letter, October 24, from Clr Stuart Parker, to my knowledge this is the first time that a representative of the council has been named as being involved in the re-development of Northwich and its facilities.

Limited snippets have been leaked from the council to the media together with artists’ impressions, including the proposed new leisure centre as a large greenhouse.

Mr Parker has even written at length about the obvious benefits of keeping fit and exercising. He has not mentioned the five vegetables a day target nor the traffic signal warnings on food packaging.

Lately we have been told that Moss Farm Leisure Centre, despite being only 20 years old, will close when the new centre opens.

Acting upon independent advice and the use of participation models used by Sport England, and taking the expected growth of the population of town area over the next 25 years, he states that the results are quite clear that a new six-lane swimming pool will provide/suffice for residents now and in the future.

So based upon these facts his conclusions were reached and specifications were provided for architects.

Now councillor, tell the residents of Northwich what size of pool will be provided – length, breadth and maximum and minimum depths. Also who has been consulted from Northwich involved in the sport, including the swimming club, baths management, general public, indeed, anyone?

Has he spoken to the town planning committee members about the number of newcomers coming to live in the area, the number of new house builds and the ever increasing house planning applications? Have these been factored into his decision?

DENIS CAIN Highbank Road, Northwich.