I FEAR that if the danger to pedestrians is not removed there could be another serious accident on footpaths, pavements and pedestrian areas of Northwich and surrounding areas, mainly Castle and Greenbank.

The danger comes from cyclists of all ages, who continually disregard the Highways Act which states that cycling on a footpath is prohibited and punishable by a fine of £30. These cyclists come at you in all directions on narrow footpaths without warning and often don’t have a light. They disregard one way systems, traffic lights, and ride on the footways on both bridges, expecting pedestrians to move out of the way. Their excuse is they are too frightened to ride on the road, yet a majority of intelligent cyclists and racing cyclists who are aware of the act ride on the road.

I am partially blind and have had many a near miss with cyclists. There must also be many more people who are deaf, blind, old or infirm who have had close calls. This danger is getting more prevalent in every town and city.

I would like the Guardian to ask the police, highways authority and council what they are prepared to do about the danger to pedestrians caused by cyclists riding on footpaths and the pedestrianised area of Northwich shopping centre. Will they make the prohibition and legislation clear, put up no cycling signs and start on the spot fines for these cyclists?