A GROUP in favour of football fans having a say in how their favourite club is run says Vics owner Jim Rushe should be ignored.

Supporters Direct spokesman Kevin Rye told Northwich Victoria Supporters Trust members at last night’s Special General Meeting (SGM) that the words of Rushe – and those of a man hired to help him – were empty ones.

“Nobody should listen to what is being put out by the club’s owner or his advisor,” he said.

“What they say is an attempt to scare you, which is only an indication of a situation crumbling before their own eyes.”

Graham Bean, whose Football Factors firm Rushe has hired to fight the club’s corner in a legal dispute with the Football Association and the Northern Premier League, questioned the SGM’s validity on an internet social networking site.

He wrote on Twitter: “Any club purporting to be Northwich Victoria is open to legal challenge because the name is interlectually [sic] property right owned.

“I hope the supporters trust knows football’s appeal system as well as Jim Rushe does. If not, then they’ve got problems.”

An expert on football disciplinary matters, he then asked if the trust had enough money to defend a legal challenge to its constitution.

He did not say if one was being considered.

“Once people start threatening with lawyers in a situation like this one, then they’re trying to intimidate you,” said Rye.

“I find it amusing, and a little bit sad. These people want to belittle you.”

On Monday, Rushe told the Guardian that he hoped trust members supported a motion to start a new club.

He then speculated whether the group’s board had what it takes to run one.

“I’m all for it,” he said.

“I don’t want the grind of all the speculation any more.

“I hope the trust forms its own club, because only then will they find out how hard it is to keep one going.

“It takes many hours, and I’m not sure they’ve taken that into consideration, it’s an enormous undertaking.

“You can’t run a football team from behind a desk or on a computer. Sometimes you have to make a decision on the spot, without the help of a committee.”

The trust’s membership disagreed, with only four of 145 voters against starting a new club.

To read a report of last night's Special General Meeting, click here: http://bit.ly/UJvftm