NORTHWICH Victoria’s owner has urged football fans to pay £1 a week to help his club plan for the future.

Jim Rushe said that Vics’ weekly lottery draw, which pays a £500 first prize each day, is an affordable way for supporters to add to the now homeless club’s income.

“I’m asked a lot how people can help,” he said.

“This initiative has been in place for a while, but it’s a simple way for anybody sympathetic to our situation to play a part in helping the club get back on its feet again.

“We need to find ways to sustain the club while it gets back up on its feet again and this is a revenue stream that I think can help the club significantly.”

The scheme, run and administered by Bolton Wanderers Lottery, donates 70p of every £1 subscription to the club.

The remaining money is used mainly for prizes.

Mr Rushe said: “If 1,000 people sign up, then that’s an extra £700 per week that the club can use first to survive, then to plan for its future.

“Over a year, that’s more than £36,000.”

Mr Rushe has also relocated the club’s shop to a unit on Market Way in Northwich town centre, which is open every weekday from 10am.

He plans to hire staff to work on a Saturday too.

“It’s been a difficult time, but having a base back in the town is a boost,” he said.

“There are people working very hard to keep the club alive, which isn’t easy right now.”

For further details on the lottery, or to sign up, call the club shop on 01606 815200.