A WALKWAY linking Northwich’s High Street to Barons Quay is now open.

The walkway, which starts on Witton Street where Rymans Stationery was previously located provides, easy access to the multi-million development.

Work on the path got underway last month following a lengthy delayed due to an ongoing legal battle between the council and the owners of an adjoining building.

Lina Higuita, Savills’ operations manager at Barons Quay, said: “An attractive walkway linking Barons Quay to the traditional town centre is an important part of showcasing the development to both visitors and potential new tenants.

“For would-be new tenants visiting Barons Quay it’s important for us that they also get to see the charm of the traditional town centre which makes Northwich so unique.

“I’m delighted the new walkway is now open.”

The news was also welcomed by Cllr Naylor, Cheshire West and Chester Council ward member for Winnington and Castle.

“It’s the first bit of good news we’ve had in while, and we need a lot more of it,” he said.

“It’s certainly going to open it up, particularly for Odeon and Wildwood. It will create the impression that something is happening.

“It is a fantastic site but you have to create the impression that something is happening with Barons Quay.”

Cllr Naylor said Samantha Dixon, leader of the council, and Charlie Seward, deputy chief executive (place), told him during a meeting earlier this week that the council was doing ‘everything it could’ to deliver Barons Quay.

He said: “My view is we’ve got to hold our nerve, we have to be very, very patient and positive. They told me it is going to work. I can only stress that it is going to take time.

“We only have to look around at the state of the retail sector, as well as the political and economic state, including the fragile Brexit negotiations.

“There are a lot of factors making companies, like Starbucks, hold back making investments until they can see a more stable political and economic environment and can actually see where we are going with Brexit.

“A lot of these companies are international.

“You can’t back track. It’s here now. It’s not as if you can knock it down, mothball it. It is what it is. It’s all about confidence, and there’s not much confidence in the market current.”

He added: “I can completely understand why it is going to spring before we are going to get more shops opening.

“In the scheme of things, we’ve got to wait, we’ve got to patient. We’ve got to play a long game.

“And also the council and councillors have got to be transparent with residents, businesses and the press.”