CHILDREN have experienced what it was like in a Victorian classroom.

Weaver Hall Museum invited youngsters to take part in two all day sessions on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

During the two days youngsters took part in a Victorian school lesson with their teacher, Mr Grimm.

Gina Cottam, learning officer at Weaver Hall Museum said: “The children took part in a Victorian lesson in classroom with Master Grimm from the workhouse.

“He was teaching the three Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic.

“They quite enjoyed the classroom. Master Grimm showed good Victorian discipline without being too scary.”

Afterwards they also got to play with some Victoria toys.

The museum also held two ‘workhouse boot camp’ days the previous week.

Children carried out a number of workhouse chores including laundry and grinding corn to make flour.

This was followed by a craft session where children were introduced to a Thaumatrope, an optical toy that was popular in the 19th century.

Children drew pictures that were then applied to the Thaumatrope.

Gina said: “We had some really good ones.

"One of them was a snowman and another was someone getting eaten by a dinosaur.”