HISTORY-buffs can take a trip back in time to a medieval Baron’s Hall in Weaverham next week.

Weaverham History Society will welcome the Maranella Medieval Minstrels at University Primary Academy, Weaverham, on Tuesday, September 13, from 7pm.

The Minstrels will give a talk about music from the 12th to the 15th Centuries and will also play some tunes for the guests to enjoy.

Marilyn Farrington, one of the members of the group, said: “We thought it would a nice idea if we tried to recreate the atmosphere medieval Baron’s Hall.

“We dress in authentic medieval costumes and play reproduction medieval instruments.

“We’ve got loads of weird and wonderful instruments and we also sing medieval songs.

Most of the music played by the group is from the 15th century, from the Crusades and the War of the Roses.

Marilyn said: “Medieval music appears much simpler on the surface. It doesn’t have the luscious harmonies of modern music.

“It’s just a tune and a drone really but that gives you a lot of freedom of expression.

“It’s inspired a lot by music of the Middle East. A lot of people will say it sounds like Arab music, but it should do because that is its biggest influence. The music is kind of hypnotic.”

Marilyn started the group around 15 years ago, along with her daughter, Elizabeth Armstrong.

Most members of the group are based in Cheshire.

She said: “We started off as a recorded consort because we thought recorders received a bad press, but we think they’re great instruments.

“We started doing other instruments from there and it really gained momentum.”

During that time Marilyn managed to get her husband, Peter involved, along with various other members over the years.

Sher said: “It’s fantastic. When you’re doing something creative with the main people in your life, well that’s superb.

“I cannot explain how much we enjoy it, doing what you love together as a family, we love it.”

Their appearance in Weaverham will be the first time the group have given a talk to a history society.

All are welcome to attend. Tickets cost £2.

For more information visit history.weaverham.org.uk/