MEMBERS of Lostock Green Methodist Church are planning to hold a series of fundraising events to help pay for long-awaited work to the chapel.

The repairs and renovations to the chapel are due to start next week, and are estimated to cost more than £30,000.

The church has some of the money for the work, but needs to raise a substantial amount towards the cost of the scheme.

A fundraising committee is to meet to plan ways of raising money, and would welcome ideas from members of the church.

The work will focus on the roof of the chapel, the front stained glass window and the chapel ceiling.

Slates, lead flashing and fluting on the roof are in need of replacement and repair, and the main coping stones on the roof are out of alignment and need re-bedding.

The front stained glass window to the chapel is damaged and letting in water, and frost-damaged bricks need replacing.

In addition the main chapel ceiling is in need of repair, and much of the ceiling and walls need to be re-plastered.

The work on the chapel will mean that Sunday services will be held in the adjacent Sunday school.

“We will have to raise quite a substantial amount towards the work, most of which is long-awaited, and we have a fundraising committee which is due to meet to discuss ways of raising money,” said Michael Fellows, the church’s property secretary.

“The good news is that the Sunday school and village rooms will remain open and functioning as usual during the work.

“So the mums and toddlers, tai chi, art classes and the senior citizens club can carry on as normal.

“Sunday services will be held in the Sunday school and village rooms.”

He said the main chapel had a problem with damp, which was made worse by heavy rainfall over the Christmas period and the fact that the front stained glass window was not waterproof.

He added that when all the various elements of the work had been completed the main chapel would be redecorated and the outside windows would be painted.