LOSTOCK Green Methodist Church has received a boost from Sophie Ritchings’ big day.

Six-year-old Sophie was crowned as the Lostock Green Sunday School Queen at the village fete.

Sophie is a member of Lostock Green’s Mini Church, and was dressed in a white gown and red velvet cloak.

She was crowned by Student Deacon Sarah Wicketts, who has spent a great deal of time in the village over the past year as part of her training.

Villagers and visitors helped and bought from the stalls, ate the cream teas, had a go on the raffle and won prizes, and all ages competed in the races.

Everyone enjoyed throwing wet sponges at those brave enough to volunteer to get soaking wet in the stocks.

Entertainment was provided by the Darnhall Dancers and the Ageless Ukes ukulele band, and more than £1,500 was raised towards the running costs and renovations at the Methodist church and village rooms.