CROWDS went insania when a pop and reality TV heartthrob appeared in Northwich to film a new TV commercial on Wednesday.

Peter Andre, who has been announced as the new face of supermarket chain Iceland, was surrounded by mysterious girls all hoping to catch a glimpse of their hero as he was filmed in winter wonderlands created between Northwich Library and Macouti and outside Iceland.

Film crews took over town throughout the day and night and gave Witton Street a beautiful Christmas makeover for the festive Iceland advert.

Peter also spent some time chatting with fans and having his picture taken.

"It's awesome, I'm absolutely made up," said fan Jacqui Shields.

"I've been a fan for about 20 years.

"My mate rang me up at about 2pm and said Peter Andre is going to be in Northwich and I said 'I've got to be there'."

For Mel Wilson, from Macouti, the filming meant a nerve wracking week of biting her tongue with friends, customers and fellow traders.

"I was sworn to secrecy," she said.

"They asked if I would mind if they used the side alleyway to do a Christmas scene with snow, I was very excited about being involved in it and said yes straightaway.

"I'm in awe of their art department and what they've done, it's totally magical."

Mel's next mission was to create her Christmas window early and get other traders involved without explaining why.

"I've been in the cupboards and got all the Christmas lights out," she said.

"I had to tell Ken at Apparel and Steph at Omnia to put their Christmas windows in but I coudn't tell them why.

"It's lovely that Northwich has been chosen – it's because so much money has been spent and such a beautiful job has been done at this end of town."

Fan Annie Taylor works at Subway, in Witton Street, and was hoping to spy Peter on her lunch break.

"I heard he was coming and was trying to serve customers but couldn't," she said.

"He's gorgeous and one of the nicest people you could meet."

Peter Andre was announced as the new face of Iceland on August 20.