WEAVER Vale MP Graham Evans has defended the use of a disabled bay next to his constituency office after a complaint from a member of the public.

A man, who asked not to be named, took pictures of Mr Evans’ car parked in the disabled space and described it as ‘inconsiderate behaviour’.

But Mr Evans said his staff park in the bay to ensure it is free for disabled visitors.

The Conservative MP, who has exclusive use of six parking spaces outside his Sheath Street office, said: “Unfortunately we have found that the spaces, including our allocated disabled bay, are regularly used by people who have no contact or business with my office.

"This can cause considerable difficulties for those seeking to visit my office, and in particular those with disabilities, who need close access to the disabled ramp.

“For that reason we do, on occasion, position one of our staff cars in our allocated disabled bay to ensure, should we have a visitor who requires access, we can guarantee they can use this space. This simply necessitates us moving our vehicle to another section of the site.

“My office is visited by hundreds of people every month. We aim to help everybody who passes through our doors. I am an ardent supporter of those who suffer a disability and have been involved in many initiatives seeking to help those living in such circumstances.”

Mr Evans has asked people not to take up the parking spaces unless they are visiting his office.