A SERIES of ‘Terrific Tuesdays’ will provide family fun during the summer holidays at a Northwich landmark.

Mini-beasts, origami and butterflies are just some of the activities that will feature in the Canal & River Trust’s waterway days at the Anderton Boat Lift.

On August 5 families can learn how to make origami and duck hats and on August 12 there will be chance to go on a mini-beast hunt and hanging labels trail.

Then on August 19 there will be chance to try out the trust’s new Explorers activities and on August 26 children can make butterflies with maple tree helicopter seed pods.

Helen Evans, the Canal and River Trust’s education co-ordinator, said “Canals and rivers have the potential to enrich the lives of families and allow parents to spend real quality time with their children.

“Our waterways are living, working museums and great places for families to enjoy together and bring history to life.”

For more information visit the boat lift’s Facebook page facebook.com/AndertonLift or visit the website canalrivertrust.org.uk/Anderton-boat-lift