ICONIC crowmen made a grand entrance to a traditional village event when they danced through the streets on Saturday.

Moulton Crow Fair drew hundreds of people who mobbed Main Road playing field to catch a glimpse of the event’s famous crow dance.

This is performed by the men of the village, who wear head-to-toe black with yellow beaks and whose identities are never revealed.

The dance is a tradition that is thought to date back to the 1920s when Moultoners were laid off from the salt works and performed at fetes and fairs across the area for prize money.

This year the crows paraded along a bunting bedecked Regent Street behind a vintage motorcycle before performing their dance in the arena.

The fair was full of stalls and games from groups, clubs and organisations in the village as well as headline attractions from the Roman Legion Deva Victrix, Vale Royal Falconry, donkey rides, body zorbing and a vintage vehicle display from Moulton Crows Auto Club.

The event concluded with an evening of live music organised by village group Malt ‘n’ Music and a firework display.

Clr Allan Aston, Moulton Parish Council chairman, said: “I would like to say how excellent I thought the crow fair was on Saturday.

“I think the attendance was fantastic, a lot higher than I’ve seen in recent years.

“By the time the crowmen came on there must have been about 600 to 800 people on the field.

“I would officially like to thank the events committee for all their hard work setting it up, our PCSO who spent a considerable amount of time there, parish councillors for attending and manning our stall and a big thank you to everyone involved.”