A MEMORIAL event was held at Sandiway Golf Club to pay tribute to American servicemen in the Second World War.

Men from the 80th US (Blue Ridge) Infantry Division had been stationed in and around Sandiway prior to their involvement in the D-Day in 1944.

At a moving ceremony on Saturday, June 26 two memorial stones at the golf club were dedicated to the memory of the US Servicemen.

Carvings in the trees of the names of the soldiers can still be seen and serve as a lasting tribute to those who were stationed there 70 years ago.

The Royal British Legion were invited to attend the ceremony by the Golf Club, as well as the High sheriff, Mrs S Sellars, who scattered the Legion’s Poppy seeds at the site as Mr Philip Reade, the vice president of Cheshire’s Royal British Legion, said the exhortation.

Frank Harding, the Chairman of the Golf Club said, “This is a fitting tribute to those soldiers who were here in 1944, some of whom may not have returned home.

“This suggestion was made by one of our Members, Mr Tom Carroll and we are pleased that this tribute has been made possible”