A RESCUE dog saved from a Romanian ‘death camp’ went missing on the first night in her new home.

Kate Munro is now appealing for help to trace her and bring her back to safety.

Kate supports the charity Band of Hope, which rescues dogs that are unwanted or have been mistreated.

She said: “In Romania thousands of dogs have been abandoned tortured and killed.

“It is now legal for the government to kill all dogs considered strays – even in charity shelters.

“Mine was rescued from a 'Death Camp' where she was due to be shot.

“She was starving, covered in infected bites and terrified.”

Kate’s rescue dog endured a five day journey through Europe to reach her new home but went missing in the Kingsmead and Leftwich area on her first night there, on May 9.

She has since been spotted in the Knutsford area.

Kate said: “She's a street dog and very scared and timid.

“She won't approach people in fact we will be lucky to see her – she will be under a hedge, in undergrowth, in flower beds or outbuildings.

“I'm asking for help – for everyone to keep their eyes open and report any sightings.

“Please don't try and catch her – she will run further and go to ground.

“If we can locate and feed her I can try and get her back or trap her with the help of the dog warden.

“She wont bite – she's very shy and sweet.”

Anyone with any information should ring Kate on 07766 751221.