Traffic lights promised over road safety fears

4:17pm Friday 2nd May 2014

MUM Sharon Taylor has won a promise of temporary traffic lights to ensure she can join a main road safely.

The promise has come from United Utilities, which is planning to lay a new water main in Hodge Lane, Northwich.

Temporary traffic lights put in place in preparation for the work have made it difficult for Mrs Taylor and her neighbours to join the main road.

Mrs Taylor lives in Railway Cottages, and says she has been taking her life in her hands joining Hodge Lane because she is unable to see temporary lights beyond the railway bridges either side of the junction.

The roadworks have also seen that section of Hodge Lane restricted to one lane.

Mrs Taylor, who uses the road to take her son to school, contacted the Guardian to call for temporary three-way lights to be installed while the work is carried out.

We contacted United Utilities, and as a result the company has agreed to install the lights.

A spokeswoman said the roadworks would be removed by lunchtime today and the permanent lights reinstalled over the Bank Holiday weekend.

United Utilities would be returning to complete work to lay the new main over the railway bridge, she added, which would take place once permission for the work had been obtained from National Rail.

Residents would be written to in advance to inform them when the work would happen, she added, and temporary three-way lights would be installed to allow safe access from Railway Cottages.

Mrs Taylor said she was pleased with the offer of temporary three-way lights, but would reserve judgment until the promise was fulfilled.

“Since the roadworks have been there every time I drive out of the junction it feels as if I am taking my life in my hands,” said Mrs Buckley.

“We are on a blind corner and cannot see anyone coming, especially if they are speeding.

“If you edge out there is a danger of getting crashed into by oncoming traffic, which are travelling on the opposite side of the road to normal.

“We have been left with no traffic lights which enable us to join Hodge Lane in a safe manner from our access road.”


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