RESIDENTS are up in arms over dog excrement left on footpaths, outside houses, on driveways and in fields in Lostock Green.

Villagers voiced their concerns with resident Ros Todhunter following an article on the problem in the March edition of the village newsletter Gossip on the Green.

“The problem of dog excrement accumulation and the large number of dog walkers concentrated on two areas in Lostock Green has been raised with me by local residents very vociferously following the article,” said Ros, who compiles the newsletter.

“Residents have challenged others to clear up dog mess left behind, recorded dog fouling incidents on CCTV and cameras during daylight and very late at night and in the early hours when fellow residents are walking their dogs.”

She highlighted two areas badly affected by dog excrement, including Winstanley’s Drive, the lane parallel to the A556, going north east from Birches Lane to Wade Brook and up to Fieldhouse Farm.

The other area pinpointed is the footpath continuation of Hangman’s Lane, west of Birches Lane.

“It is adjacent to pasture land for dairy cattle, which are adversely affected by dog dirt on grass, which can lead to infection and cattle aborting their calves,” said Ros.

“This has occurred to cattle which have grazed this field – tests showed infection originated from dog excrement.

“There is heavy use of these two areas, especially since the fencing has been put up restricting the unofficial access to the brine field service roads for dog walking.”

She said concern had also been expressed by residents over the removal and damage to fencing adjacent to Winstanley’s Drive and the creation of unofficial footpaths across roads.

“Fence rails have been removed, sawn through and broken to get access to the former unofficial paths and brine field service roads,” she added.

“This isn’t a problem that can be sorted easily.”