TALES of post-war schooldays were shared in the classrooms and corridors of Moulton when Northwich’s town mayor paid a visit.

Clr Bob Robinson took a trip down Memory Lane when he went back to his old school, Moulton School, for the first time in 60 years, joining his four-year-old grandson Lewis who started there in September.

“I was elated to go back and it brought back so many memories,” he said.

Clr Robinson’s memories evoke a time when the threat of war remained uppermost in the minds of residents in a rural village.

“When I went to school there it was at the end of the war and we used to have to take a gas mask with us,” the 75-year-old said.

“There were four air raid shelters opposite the school, where the adventure group building is now, and one in the garden at school, which was to the right hand side as you faced the school.

“Every now and then they would do a test but we didn’t go in the shelter because there was a few inches of water in it.”

Clr Robinson said when he was at the school girls did cookery classes in one of the classrooms while the boys were taken by bus to Rudheath where they did woodwork.

The mischievous youngsters also used to sneak fruit from the school gardens.

They were also allowed a number of days off a year to help with the potato picking at the neighbouring farms.

Clr Robinson, who was brought up by his grandmother Alice Dutton at her chip shop at 51 Main Road, said: “It’s such a lovely school – well maintained, well decorated and with the children’s stuff all over the walls.

“And the children were all so polite and well behaved.

“To me going back to Moulton School was pure nostalgia but I was so proud to go back.”