TOWN councillors cannot decide if they should put their pictures on the council’s website.

The apparently innocuous issue was put on the agenda for February’s town council meeting and caused some debate.

Councillors Derek Bowden and George Gibson argued against the proposal.

Clr Bowden said: “People need to contact us, they don’t need to know what we look like.

“I would propose no photographs.”

Clr Gibson said: “I would agree with Clr Bowden, I don’t see what it adds.”

Councillors debated whether, if approved, members could opt out of having their pictures on the website.

Clr Bowden said: “I would abide by the wishes of the council if the majority want us to be in pictures but I can’t promise to look pretty.”

He added: “There’s no mention if it has to be a current photograph – I’ve got a good one from when I was three years old.”

The council decided to defer the decision.