A COMEDIAN is appealing for people with memories of an obscure Northwich band to help him with a new radio show in London.

Former Northwich man David Moran, whose stand-up act is called Anti-Duhring Battalion, is starting a new comedy radio show on London Hot Radio from February 3.

He hopes Northwich residents will get in touch with their memories of a band called The Air.

“They were going from about 1978 to the end of the 1980s,” David said.

“Only a few people would know of them.

“They were pretty chaotic, they did things like knocking on people’s doors, getting them to plug them in and they played on people’s doorsteps.

“They played at the memorial hall, played in Liverpool and in another couple of places.

“I’m really interested in hearing from anyone that’s got any memories of them.”

David’s show will take place from 4pm to 5pm each Monday and he hopes to make a regular feature out of The Air, which he feels an artistic kinship with.

“My comedy is a bit similar in that I’ve done gigs in non-comedy venues,” he said.

“Sometimes if you’re gigging in London comedy clubs in the week you’ve not got a big audience.

“You have to go to non-comedy venues to find the audience, I’ve even done a gig in a Catholic church, although it didn’t go down that well.”

Anyone who has memories, tapes or CDs of the band should contact David by visiting facebook.com/LEFT.FRONT.cwi or londonhottradio.com/radio-shows.