A SUPPORT group for people living with brain tumours has proved so successful that it has organised extra meetings.

When Leftwich couple Eileen and Steve Sharman launched the brain tumour support group in August they planned to hold meetings every three months.

But attendance rocketed from four to 18 between the first and second meetings, with members clamouring for a meeting every month.

Eileen Sharman, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour herself 15 years ago, said: “It’s going from strength to strength and what’s nice is that the people coming are making friends within the group.

“They have a cup of coffee and a chat and it makes things a little bit better.”

When Eileen was diagnosed, the nearest support group for her and Steve was in Liverpool.

They found it so useful they decided to set up a Northwich group, but this proved slow going and took a decade before the first meeting was held.

“It helped me to go to Liverpool for the past 10 years and I just wanted to pass that on,” she said.

“Some of the patients have never even spoken to anyone else about their brain tumour.

“It does make you sit back and think ‘I’m the only one with this and no-one understands’.

“Looking at someone you can’t tell they’re poorly, the majority of us look well and people don’t know how we feel inside.

“For me it still hurts to walk and my right leg is very weak, but you get used to it over the years.

“It stays with you, your life is never the same afterwards and you have to learn to live with it.

“We were talking about epilepsy and seizures and I was saying how I manage and they were saying it’s something they will try.

“The support group has been an excellent success so obviously we needed it.”

The meetings take place at Cheshire and Warrington Carers Centre, in London Road, on the first Monday of every month.

For more information ring Steve and Eileen on 01606 45357.