• Steve Burrows ‏@SteveBurrows7 @GinaBebbington I remember the queues around the block to get in when a big film came on. Saw Star Wars there in 1977 #regalnorthwich


  • Steve Burrows ‏@SteveBurrows7 @GinaBebbington the regal was ace! The smell, the sound.. Really sad to see it pulled down


  • Adam Johnson ‏@thisadamjohnson @GinaBebbington many memories of goin to the Regal growing up. Very sad that its comin down #regalnorthwich


  • David Dignum ‏@daviddignum @GinaBebbington My lasting memory the double seats under the clock lol


  • Alex Birtwisle ‏@alexbirtwisle @GinaBebbington Such an iconic building that played such a large part in so many lives.


  • Daniel Clark ‏@danielrclark @GinaBebbington Really enjoyed your little tribute to the Regal. Lots of memories. Sad to see it go.


  • Nathan McGahern ‏@macca_khan
    @GinaBebbington @northwichnews I drove past 10 mins ago... Only half of cinema two left now :-( Northwich needs a new Cinema fast.


  • Danny Toast Williams ‏@TheRealToast
    @GinaBebbington its such a shame. So many childhood memories in that old place. I remember watching the Matrix there!


  • Miss G ‏@Gillian73
    @GinaBebbington I went and took some pictures the other day before it was completely gone. Some good memories from The Regal :)


  • Cllr Andrew Malloy ‏@CllrAMalloy
    @GinaBebbington sad to hear the #regalnorthwich has gone. My wife and I went during its last week, couldn't get a ticket for last the night


  • Chris Hornby ‏@chornbarino
    @ginabebbington Went to see Back to the Future twice at Regal Northwich. Great memories!