A SCHOOL in Northwich is prepared for emergency now it has three defibrillators on site and staff are trained to use them.

The Grange School, in Hartford, is working with cardiac charity SADS UK to support its Big Shock campaign.

Anne Jolly, founder of SADS UK, the Ashley Jolly SAD Trust, said: “SADS UK is pleased that The Grange School will benefit from having defibrillators on the premises.

“It’s good to know that if sudden cardiac arrest occurs the school will have a defibrillator quickly available to restart the heart. “Using CPR alone provides a five per cent chance of survival but using CPR along with the defibrillator increases the chance of survival 10 fold, giving the person a 50 per cent chance of survival; this is why SADS UK are so passionate about putting this lifesaving equipment in place.”

Sally Crighton, school nurse at The Grange School, said: “With the recent statistics from the Government stating that 12 children die a week due to undetected heart conditions and the recommendation to get AEDs into schools, we are so pleased to receive our defibrillators on behalf of the SADS UK charity and our own parents association at The Grange.

“It is a devastating fact that so many young people and adults die in schools every year.

“It is so important that children, teachers and visitors to the school are safe, knowing that the equipment is there to be used should an emergency arise.”

For more information about putting a defibrillator into a school ring SADS UK on 01277 811215, email info@sadsuk.org or visit sadsuk.org.