SALE Gang Show is back at the Garrick with an even bigger cast and 16 sketches and songs.

Their original founder, Ralph Reader, is never forgotten and the show opens with everyone smartly uniformed in purple tops with white trousers, red caps and neckerchiefs, singing some of his well-known songs.

That great show, Mary Poppins is brought to life with numbers such as the tongue twister Supercalifragilistic expialidocious. How on earth do they remember it? But they do.

A wonderful singer fills the role of Mary Poppins while a brownie and cub play her charges Jane and Michael. In scouting tradition, no names, no pack drill.

It has become usual to include a mini-panto. Unfortunately, this year’s, a combination of seven pantos, becomes an amusing shambles but its all good fun.

This is more than made up for in Three Little Maids where, amid much singing and dancing, three talented kids sing a rocked up version of the Gilbert and Sullivan favourite.

Another well performed number is a selection of Andrew Lloyd Webber favourites.

Early on, Beavers, aged six to eight, and Rainbows, aged five to seven, melt hearts when they sing Camp Fires Burning. They are so cute and, wisely, they are assisted by ladies from the Trefoild Guild.

The Sale Scout and Guide Band show their mettle, too.

Finally, the gang prove they are not stuck at the turn of the 20th century and sing a medley of ultra modern songs including Together we Stand, Divided we Fall.

That sums up the scouting movement.

* * The Gang Show is at Altrincham Garrick Playhouse until Saturday, February 18. For tickets visit the gang show website or telephone 0789 4850 497.   Star rating:  * * *