I AM writing to you regarding the headline on the front of the Northwich Guardian, August 25. It reads ‘Bloody disgrace.’ I think it is a bloody disgrace that this [illegal hare coursing] has made front-page news.

How ideal a place Northwich must be, if this kind of news warrants the front page.

God help us all, the world is full of tragedies catastrophes, murders, rapes, children being abused, drug dealing and much more besides, yet people still see the need to waste time and money on banning hunting.

The hunting ban is a total waste of money and resources, it is unenforceable and it doesn’t work. The only thing it does, is make criminals out of decent people like myself.

I grew up and still live on a council estate, where owning a working dog was the norm.

It was there to put food on the table as well as being a family pet. What right have any suit-wearing townies or animal rights lunatics that know totally nothing about this way of life got to tell me what I can do with my dogs.

The ban means nothing to me or thousands of other people, who will still work their dogs no matter what, always have, always will, it’s a way of life. All are not huntsmen who blow the huntsman’s horn.