CLEARLY again we see the hunting ban has not stopped hunts going out with a load of dogs out of control, this time invading Delamere Park Estate, along with riders, quad bikes and followers in pursuit of their victim – a fox this time They should not of course be following the scent of an animal at all but be on a drag hunt where a scent trail is left (not of an animal) which takes the dogs, the riders and the followers over a safe route not crossing roads, railway lines or housing estates.

Recently dogs from the Beaufort Hunt were killed by a train as they too were not following the drag hunt scent trail but were chasing a fox The man in charge of the hunt causing trouble in Delamere said it had never happened before – which I think is what all hunts say since the hunt ban but of course I don’t believe it.

Hunts continue to behave as though they are above the law, encouraged by a legal system that continues to treat them as if they are.

NICKY BROOKS Billinge Green