WE call upon the local Liberal Democrats to apologise for describing children in Winsford as, “not the brightest apples”. We are appalled by the Liberal Democrat insult of disadvantaged children in Winsford.

Liberal Democrat councillor Malcolm Gaskill stunned town councillors during a full council meeting on Monday, July 20 when he commented on a discussion about a project organised by Winsford churches to support local disadvantaged children returning to school.

Cllr Gaskill is a Liberal Democrat councillor on both Cheshire West and Chester Council and Winsford Town Council.

Instead of recognising the vulnerability of children, he instead chose to blame children for being, “not the brightest apples”.

A member of the public who attended the meeting commented on the remark, saying they were, “quite shocked at Cllr Gaskill’s reference to some schoolchildren as not being ‘the brightest apples’ – whatever that means”.

The remark is disgusting and Cllr Gaskill should retract it and apologise immediately.

Disadvantaged children have been affected the most by school closures and are not to blame. We are trying to raise the profile of Winsford as a welcoming and enriching environment which creates opportunities and increases confidence for everyone in our town.

Cllr Joanne Moorcroft Cllr Lyndsay Barwell Cllr Nathan Pardoe