OUR charity wants the 2020s to be the decade where society finally starts to work for autistic children and adults.

Schools in your area have a key role to play in this – so we’re inviting them to get involved in World Autism Awareness Week (March 30 – 5 April 5).

One in every 100 children are autistic and almost three quarters go to mainstream schools. Most people have heard of autism now.

But far too few know what it’s actually like to be autistic – both the unique strengths and how hard life can be if you have difficulties communicating or feel intense anxiety in social situations.

We have a range of free resources for schools (autism.org.uk/SAAW), including lesson plans, videos and posters. If any readers work at a local school, please take a look.

We’re looking forward to working with lots of local schools. Better understanding and support will improve the lives of the 700,000 autistic children and adults in the UK.

Caroline Stevens, Chief Executive of the National Autistic Society