WE have a doubly incontinent daughter. A few months ago we realised that each week we were putting 56 disposable nappies in the bins, so after doing some research we found suitable washable nappies and inserts.

We discussed this with the continence service and explained that if they would fund just one bale and some inserts I would do all the laundering. This came to about £120.

At present the disposables are delivered two or three times a year and come in six to eight large boxes.

Yearly this must cost the NHS around £800 to £900, including delivery.

So we not only offered to save them money, but also delivery charges, and help the environment by not adding to landfill.

The manager agreed, we are up and running and it is working very well.

However, I have not been reimbursed, and now they say a different manager will not reimburse me, but I can start the delivery of disposables again, costing the tax payer and the NHS large sums of money and putting plastic into landfill which will not compost for 400 years or more, when it is completely avoidable.

Should anyone wish to change to washable nappies for their special needs child, this is the reaction you will get.

They waste money, go back on promises, and insult our planet.

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