FOLLOWING a trip to Knutsford I read an article by Vic Barlow extolling the virtues of Knutsford town centre (Thursday, February 6).

I too noticed the vibrant “hubbub”

as I negotiated the narrow pavement inches away from moving cars.

The exciting noise of traffic filled my ears and the exhaust fumes added to the atmosphere leaving me feeling on a high.

It was good to see a young mother enjoying the “hubbub” as she manoeuvred her young child in a buggy along along the narrow pavement.

She showed tremendous skill in avoiding shoppers jumping out of their cars and into the shop to buy all those urgent purchases as she squeezed between parked cars to cross the busy road.

She did this so expertly I felt absolutely no fear for the safety of her child. The buggy was just at the right height to gain maximum benefit from the exhaust fumes.

The following day I visited Northwich town centre. How boring. Lots of people were walking along the wide pedestrian street as if they had all the time in the world.

What about all the people who need to park by the shop to make all their urgent purchases. Then I realised, of course, they’ve all gone to Knutsford.

I was puzzled by the number of cafés with people sitting outside chatting to friends or just watching the world go by. I guess these places must be for people to recuperate after the exhausting walk from the car park (free). I decided to join them, but I didn’t really enjoy it.

There was a serious lack of traffic noise, no fumes to give the place real atmosphere, just people chatting, occasional bursts of laughter, children playing, buskers.

I also found the attitude of some of the parents was irresponsible.

Instead of clinging tightly to parents for safety, children were allowed to run about all over the road, running, jumping, skipping.

What will happen to those poor children if they ever go to Knutsford and behave like that?

They won’t last five minutes.

Well, thanks to Vic for showing us the benefits of shopping in Knutsford. Must dash now as I have some urgent purchases to make.

John Jordan Goostrey