BACK in August 2019, I reported overhanging branches in Whalley Road, Northwich. They were not far off touching our windows from the opposite side of the road!

In September 2019, when I hadn’t heard back from the council, I rang again and logged (excuse the pun) the complaint again. I had to repeatedly chase and was finally told by Ryan O’Connell from the council that the contractors advised the job would be done no later than December 7.

It never got done and I continued to chase it up. All the time I was mindful of high winds we had been having and possible damage to homes and cars.

In January 2020, I chased again to be told January 25 for definite and that he would leaflet the day before to warn residents to move vehicles to facilitate the job getting done without obstacle.

January 25, clear street and clear of contractors too – they never showed up.

So I phoned Mr O’Connell circa midday on the 25th and he didn’t even know the contractors hadn’t showed until I told him! So on Sunday, cones were put out and notices again about tree cutting. As of 10.30am Monday morning the contractors had not shown up.

My husband advised he would let me know when they did but I haven’t heard from him as yet so I would guess not.

The council are looking to impose an increase in council tax yet they don’t organise anything, and waste money on contracts with contractors who are messing them about.

I have yet to find out who the contractor is meant to be. If Mr O’Connell can’t sort it, I want their names because I will!

Dorothy Jones Northwich