I had to laugh at Ms Murphy’s letter last week, as she so obviously can’t get over herself and her now defunct – in purpose anyway – organisation, Wilmslow for Europe.

This sad two person set up has lost the argument comprehensively I’d say.

Naturally we all hope, leavers and remainers alike, that Europe will continue to cooperate with us on all sorts of different things, and this will no doubt happen, but mainly because of business people determined to forge trading relationships with them.

In other spheres such as science, agriculture and education, what Ms Murphy has not recognised is that the generous grants paid by the EU to such bodies in our country, was merely money that we had paid them in the first place.

The main reason that Europe wanted us to stay was they wanted our money.

I read that our departure represents 19 countries with smaller economies leaving.

Our going will leave a huge gap in the EU budget – money that we can spend on ourselves instead, with huge infrastructure projects ahead, I say full steam ahead!

Roger Clarke Knutsford