I appear to have opened up an hornets’ nest following my challenge of Don Micklewright’s climate views.

Phrases like ‘Flagship Propaganda of the Thought Police’, ‘Self inflicted Indoctrination’ and ‘Planet Reality’ pepper his response.

He uses insulting words to describe Greta Thurnberg as a ‘16-year-old disturbed girl’ reading from a ‘provided script’. No mention of her invited appearances at the United Nations in New York or the Economic Summit at Davos.

Does Don think that they would have invited a ‘16-year-old disturbed girl’ to address them? Oh yes, I wonder who Don thinks wrote the so called ‘provided scripts’?

Turning to the1922 Bergen Report quoted by Don. Were not the authors somewhat prescient in their predictions? Climate Science has taken immense strides since 1922 but its current knowledge does not differ widely from the views expressed in the 1922 Bergen Report.

Don refers to so called predictions made by some in the 60s, 70s, 80, and 90s as justification for his views. He seems fixated by a 10 year cycle but the real point is that those so called predictions referred to by Don; were, in the main, media hypes with very little foundation.

I prefer to take notice of David Attenborough and the scientists at the Met Office rather that deniers like Don who appear to have no scientific background and whose interpretations are whimsical to say the least. For me Don is living on a Planet of Total Unreality.

Ewen Simpson Whatcroft