THE fire which swept through the outdoor market in the early hours of Friday, January 3, was a body blow for the town and a tragedy for the hardworking stall holders.

Red tape negotiations are holding up clearance plans but measures to ensure that those affected are back up and running are progressing nicely.

As a town and as a community I am full of pride and admiration for the way the good people of Northwich have responded to this awful incident and from the ashes arose a spirit of resilience and fortitude to turn the negative into a positive.

We might not have built a 1,000 bed hospital within a fortnight but under the leadership and sheer hard work and determination of Iain Stead the town organised and delivered a huge event which did what it said on the tin and painted the town and surrounding pubs with music.

It was good for the town, for our soul and the monies raised will go to the ravaged stall holders.

Well done to all concerned and this fantastic community response confirms my faith in human nature.

Sam Naylor Labour Councillor for Northwich Witton