WE have a fantastic local butchers in Hartford, Littlers, and like many local businesses they strive to serve the people of the village, while at the same time trying to have a profitable and viable business.

To this end they publicised a promotion for January 31 and February 1 where, because it was a ‘momentous day’ in the country’s history, they would give a 10 per cent discount for all items bought on those days. They didn’t say they support or didn’t support Brexit, just that it was a ‘momentous day’, which it is.

However, on their Facebook page where they also promoted this offer, among the many posts supporting them in this promotion, there was a couple of dissenting voices, actually stating they wouldn’t shop there because of this offer.

Obviously these people decided that Littlers were taking sides, or trying to manufacture something positive about Brexit, which these contributors were obviously against.

This is what it has come too, a small local business, that is trying to provide a genuine service to the local community, has certain people boycotting it because of a perceived support of Brexit, which wasn’t the case.

This childish and petty response to a local community asset does not bode well. If people are going to attach political viewpoints to even a local butcher’s discounted promotions, then God help us.

I will continue to shop at Littlers, the meat is fantastic!

Stephen Anderson Hartford